Lovecraftian Short FRAGMENT 1890 Needs Your Love

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Lovecraftian Short FRAGMENT 1890 Needs Your Love
Attention fans of all things H.P. Lovecraft. We have found a project that you may want to lend your support to. German filmmaker Sascha Alexander Renninger is putting together a feature length anthology film based on the works of the famed horror author and is presently completing the second chapter, Fragment 1890. His first Lovecratian short film, Shadow of the Unamable, will be the first chapter. Renninger is presently raising funds to complete production of this second chapter. 

New England in the late 1920s. Dr. Barlow, head physician of the Greystone Asylum in the town of Arkham, is stunned when his young patient Morgan Derleth turns out to be psychic. Through her, he receives a cry for help from the down-and-out pulp writer Robert Blake.

It seems that Blake is trapped in a strange and terrible dreamworld, after a failed experiment with an exotic drug. Every night, he´s on the run from faceless alien creatures. Can Blake be saved?

Fragment 1890 is an amalgamation of many different influences, ranging from the literary works of Algernon Blackwood, William Hope Hodgson and H.P. Lovecraft to the films of the German silent cinema and the surrealist paintings of Max Ernst.

Have a look at Renninger's pitch video below and if his project appeals to you then please support his project by visiting their Indiegogo campaign page
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