Cera And Hawkes Lead Cast Of Charlie Kaufman's HOW & WHY

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Cera And Hawkes Lead Cast Of Charlie Kaufman's HOW & WHY
Charlie Kaufman's very particular brand of oddity is headed to the small screen, the Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind and Adaptation writer set to write and direct the pilot episode of his new half hour comedy How & Why for FX in the spring. And he's just landed some very, very interesting cast with word that Winter's Bone star John Hawkes and Arrested Development's Michael Cera will be playing the leads.

Hawkes will play Goodman Hesselman, the host of a science show - source of this show's title - replaced by a younger star (Cera) who moves off to a smaller town to start a new, rival show. Yes, picture a feud between Bill Nye The Science Guy and, well, some other science guy. And in Kaufman's hands with an actor the caliber of Hawkes in the lead, it's hard to imagine this being any less than brilliant.

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