Joshua Chaplinsky's Favorite Films of 2013 Are Better Than Yours

Contributing Writer; Queens, New York (@jaceycockrobin)
I mean, that's gotta be what he thinks, right? Or else why would he be putting them on the internet for all to see? (And by "all" we mean obligated friends and family members, and those precious few window shoppers who happen to happen by.) It's not like he has a unique angle, like "The Year's Best Educational Films Directed by Chechen War Widows." He's not the foremost authority on 21st Century Bar Mitzvah videos. He's just some dude who watches a lot of movies.

Assuming, for a moment, that anyone who rises from the Comments section to write about a subject at length isn't just out to bludgeon people with their opinions, we have to ask: What is their motivation? Where does the compulsion to herald the under- and even over-sung come from? And what is it about film, specifically, that sparks this kind of passion in people?

Just a few questions to think about while you contemplate these ten films and their meaning in one man's life. 
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