Errol Morris on Photography, Truth and JFK: NOVEMBER 22, 1963

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Errol Morris on Photography, Truth and JFK:  NOVEMBER 22, 1963
Errol Morris has posted a short documentary interview with Josiah "Tink" Thompson  author of the book "Six Seconds In Dallas" (In 1966, while working for Life Magazine, he was allowed to examine a first-generation copy of the film and a set of color 35mm slides made from the original) on the nature of the photographic evidence from the various civilians taking photos and 8mm film around Dealey Plaza fifty years ago to the day, whereupon JFK was gunned down in his motorcade on a sunny afternoon.  Note that this documentary is labelled "Part 2" because it is second is a series of short documentaries produced for the New York Times. The first was released two years ago and called "The Umbrella Man."  This new one, "November 22, 1963" may or may not be from the same sit-down with Thompson.  

Either way, both are compelling looks at where we stand 50 years on in perhaps the most investigated crime of the past couple centuries.  One that is burdened, for all the books, trials, films and yes, photographs, that have been published and poured over in the ensuing five decades, with more questions than answers.
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