Watch Icelandic Zombie Short UNDYING LOVE Now!

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Watch Icelandic Zombie Short UNDYING LOVE Now!
Before we begin let me just say that, yes, this is a shameless self promotion of my own short film that I did two years ago and I'm using ScreenAnarchy, a site that I write for, as a platform to do so.

Two years ago I wrote and directed my first short film with the help of some very gracious friends who lent me their time and effort for my little pet project. For years I had talked about how I wanted to direct something on my own but never really followed it through so when I found myself out of a job, broke as hell, semi depressed from a recent breakup and not really doing anything worthwhile with myself.

I pitched this idea to my friend Olaf De Fleur who agreed to pitch in some money and equipment to shoot the thing. I then contacted everyone I knew in the industry who jumped at the chance to do a zombie film since the chances of that happening again are slim to say the least. My friend, actor Olafur Darri, undeniably one of Iceland's biggest actors, agreed to be a zombie. My friend Orri Dyrason from Sigur Ros agreed to do the music, and even Baltasar Kormakur lent me a corpse he used in Jar City. Every favor was called in and the results is this little film that traveled the world, from PIFAN in Korea to Sitges in Spain to Frightfest in the UK.

Now its festival days are over and now you can watch it here.
Hope you enjoy.

Undying Love from Omar Hauksson on Vimeo.

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