Tokyo 2013: Tom Hanks Attends Green Carpet Opening Ceremony

Writer; London/Tokyo (@seven_cinemas)
The 26th Tokyo International Film Festival kicked off yesterday with a parade of stars along its green carpet to the theater where festival opener Captain Phillips was played. The carpet, green as opposed to the usual red, represents the festival's continued efforts at raising environmental awareness.
While there was a sizable number of school kids out to catch a glimpse of their favorite pop star-turned-actor, (Matsu of Japanese boyband EXILE and Hyomin from K-pop group T-ara, in case you were wondering!) the real reason many turned out was to catch a rare glimpse of the Hollywood A-listers.
Check out the gallery for shots of Tom Hanks, Kaiju and company.

Battle Royale and Kill Bill star Kuriyama Chiaki this year's official Festival Muse (i.e. Festival Pretty Girl)

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