The Second ZOMBIE SHARK Trailer Arrives: Two Girls One Shark!

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The Second ZOMBIE SHARK Trailer Arrives: Two Girls One Shark!
Cast your mind back to June, when we had a sneak trailer for Tiburón Zombie aka. Zombie Shark, featuring a pretty girl sunning next to a bathtub with a zombie shark in it.

Well, that was perhaps more of a fund-raising proof of concept than it was a real trailer, but it was successful and it got people's attention. So now we get a new trailer, with less bathtub but with more girls, more zombie, more shark, and definitely more exploitation.

What happens if a zombie bites a shark? A NASTY ROTTEN KILLING MACHINE is born, combining the destructive strength of a shark with the brainless voracity of a zombie. And who can attack outside the sea. "Zombie Shark: the attack of the zombie shark" is about that. A post apocalyptic world where zombies and humans are chased by this bloodroot beast come from the ocean.

Zombie Shark is an Argentinean independent film that releases his second trailer, where we can see zombies, beautiful ladies, big breasted beautiful ladies, blood, amputated limbs and of course, a non-living shark eating the hell out of them.

Check the new trailer below!
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