The Kids Talk Film: GRAVITY

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The Kids Talk Film: GRAVITY

You have read a lot of positive things about Alfonso Cuarón's immersive action picture Gravity in these parts, but how, you ask, would young children react to the prospect of two handsome astronauts problem solving their way out of a tight spot in space? 

Willem (age 10) and Miranda (age 8) are back to offer you this unusual perspective and talk about perseverance, suspension of disbelieve and the prospects of a future career in space exploration. They do get a bit *SPOILERY* at times, so there is your warning. In Dolby Atmos, nobody could hear them scream...

Twitch has been on the Internet so long that many of its writing staff have children old enough to understand and consume media in a way that is both raw and fresh. It might even come with an inkling of consideration afterwards and it's true that many of us fall in love with the movies when we are very young. Thus, we are offering you the perspective of smaller children as they react to seeing classic filmmaking on the big screen.  

In the past, Willem and Miranda have discussed Kon Satoshi's Paprika as well as Ang Lee's Life of Pi and Jackie Chan's Police Story. Many of these these episodes and others can be found in the archives of this site; or the entire Kids Talk Film Channel can be found over at Vimeo.

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