L'Etrange Festival Unveils Complete Lineup!

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L'Etrange Festival Unveils Complete Lineup!
Beginning next Thursday L'Etrange Festival will take over Paris, France, with eleven days of fantastic cinema from around the world. The festival unveiled their full lineup today and it is a treasure trove of cinematic goodness. Films like We Are What We Are, Big Bad Wolves, Snowpiercer, Why Don't You Go Play In Hell?, and A Field in England all made the cut this year. And there are many, many more films and special events below in the mighty press release so we'll let you have at it.

Brian and Shelagh will be covering this year's festival so keep an eye out for their coverage!

19th EDITION / 5 - 15 September 2013 / FORUM DES IMAGES Paris, France - August 29, 2013
L'Étrange Festival - a unique event bringing filmgoers a fascinating roster of provocative and eye-opening films - is thrilled to announce the line-up for its 19th edition, September 5 - 15, 2013 in Paris, France.
The 2013 line-up continues the tradition of highlighting emerging talent, paying homage to independent-minded filmmakers and featuring a truly diverse program that includes cutting-edge works, outlandish genre movies, lost masterpieces, innovative shorts...
L'Étrange Festival is often regarded as the most "exciting cultural event of the Fall season in France" and is attended by over 17 000 rabid moviegoers each year.

Over the course of eleven days, more than 80 features will screen at L'Étrange Festival, among which 4 International Premieres, 3 European Premieres and more than 30 French Premieres such as English Revolution - A field in England by Ben Wheatley, We are what we are by Jim Mickle, Blue Ruin by Jeremy Saulnier, Big Bad Wolves by Aharon Keshales & Navot Papushado, The Station by Marvin Kren or Dark Touch by Marina De Van and many high-profile Asian films such as Snowpiercer by Bong Joon-Ho, Why Don't You Play in Hell? by Sono Sion, Miss Zombie by Sabu aka Hiroyuki Tanaka or The Agent (The Berlin File) by Seung-wan Ryoo...

A record of 20 feature-length films have been selected for the NOUVEAU GENRE competition and will vie for a cash prize award amounting to the purchase of the French premium broadcast rights by Canal+ Cinema. See full list below. Last year, Norwegian film HEADHUNTERS by Morten TYLDUM won this prize. And in 2011, the prize went to BULLHEAD by Michael R. ROSKAM. Both films had their preview at L'Étrange Festival before being acclaimed by the public and critics.

The same 20 feature-length films will also participate our second International Competition: The AUDIENCE AWARD.

OTHER HIGH-PROFILE EVENTS INCLUDE a "CARTE BLANCHE" offered to the most audacious "électron libre" of French cinema, actor and filmmaker Albert DUPONTEL (Bernie, Le créateur, Enfermés dehors, Le vilain...) and to legendary former "Dead Kennedys" and political activist Jello BIAFRA. Jello BIAFRA will also perform "Ban Everything!" an exclusive sound & image live set with phenomenal crazy artists combo from Marseille Le Dernier Cri for L'Étrange Musique.

Homages to James Bond Girls and Screen Queens Caroline MUNRO and Martine BESWICK

A Focus dedicated to Art-Porn-Surrealism master Stephen SAYADIAN aka RINSE DREAM

An entire Night devoted to John Waters' muse, voluptuous DIVINE

A striking "BAD GIRLS" Night

An INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM COMPETITION consisting of the most creative and innovative productions of the last 10 months

And, last but not least, an unparalleled guest roster including such diverse talents as Marina De Van, Bong Joon-Ho, Katrin Gebbe, Jim Mickle, Jeremy Saulnier, Ben Wheatley, Guido Van Driel.

Founded in 1993 by music producer, film-freak and journalist Frédéric Temps, L'Étrange Festival is often regarded as "the most exciting cultural event of the Fal"l or "the only festival where you can run across the father of midnight movies and the father of slasher horror".

Since its inception, L'Étrange Festival has showcased the most exciting examples of contemporary international cinema from every corner of the globe, ranging from provocative documentaries, mind-blowing experimental works, atypical art-house dramas, eccentric or subversive comedies, bizarre children's films, vintage Hollywood B-movies, European sleaze cinema, Japanese sexploitation and even mainstream movies that dare to go the extra mile.

In the 19 years of its existence, L'Étrange Festival has built a reputation as a movie lover's oasis by offering a fascinating and vivid immersion in cinema's wildest, darkest and most adventurous ventures, through a special batch of premieres, third-run oddities, performances, special events and workshops.

"L'Étrange Festival is unique, in that it is neither a traditional art-house nor a horror or fantastic film festival", says festival director Frédéric Temps. "We strive to show works that defy conventions and that challenges the expectations and definitions of their genres. In this respect, L'Étrange Festival adds another dimension to the movie-going experience which appeals to cult addicts, discerning connoisseurs, dedicated completists and regular movie goers alike".

In years past the festival has been home to international, European and French premieres of SAMSARA (Ron Fricke), CITADEL (Ciaran Foy), BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO (Peter Strickland), TAKE SHELTER (Jeff Nichols), DRIVE (Nicolas Winding Refn), GREETINGS TO THE DEVIL by (J.F Orozco), RUBBER (Quentin
Dupieux), FOUR LIONS (Chris Morris), BIBLIOTHEQUE PASCAL (Szabolcs Hajdu), BREATHLESS (Ik-june Yang), WARRIORS OF CHAOS (Tarek Ehlail & Matthias Lange), FIRST SQUAD - THE MOMENT OF TRUTH (Yoshiharu Ashino), MOON (Duncan Jones), MARY & MAX (Adam Elliot), THE GREAT ECSTASY OF ROBERT CARMICHAEL (Thomas Clay), MANDERLAY (Lars Von Trier), THE PIANO TUNER OF EARTHQUAKES (Stephen & Timothy Quay), NOTHING (Vincenzo Natali), TARNATION (Jonathan Caouette) and many more...

The 2012 Festival closed with the International Premiere of Pete Travis' DREDD L'Étrange Festival's guest roster has included such ferociously independent talents as Kenneth Anger, Rutger Hauer, Jean-Pierre Mocky, Boyd Rice, Tobe Hooper, Eli Roth, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Nicolas Winding Refn, Roger Avary, Gaspar Noe, Bruce LaBruce, Uwe Boll, Marc Caro, Franco Nero, Hideo Nakata, Udo Kier, Norman Spinrad, Genesis P. Orridge, Kinji Fukasaku, Jack Hill, Shinya Tsukamoto, Takashi Miike, Paul Schrader, Diamanda Galas, Alexander Hacke, Mayo Thompson...


A pretty funny story short film by Evan Morgan
The Agent (The Berlin File) by Seung-wan Ryoo (French Premiere) - introduced by Seung-beom Ryu

Haunter by Vincenzo Natali (French Premiere)

« Nouveau Genre » Prize & Audience Award (Unreleased & Previews)
1- English Revolution - A Field in England by Ben Wheatley (French Premiere) - introduced by director
2- The Rambler by Calvin Lee Reeder (French Premiere)
3- We Are What We Are by Jim Mickle - introduced by director
4- Blue Ruin by Jeremy Saulnier - introduced by director
5- Why Don't You Play in Hell? by Sono Sion (French Premiere)
6- Big Bad Wolves by Aharon Keshales & Navot Papushado (French Premiere)
7- The Station by Marvin Kren (European Premiere)
8- Confession of Murder by Byeong-gil Jeong
9- It's Such a Beautiful Day by Don Hertzfeldt
10- The Agent by Seung-wan Ryoo (French Premiere) - introduced by Seung-beom Ryu
11- Belenggu by Upi Avianto (French Premiere)
12- The Resurrection of a Bastard by Guido Van Driel (French Premiere) - introduced by director
13- The Man From the Future by Cláudio Torres (French Premiere)
14- Omnivores by Oskar Roja (French Premiere)
15- V/H/S 2 by Collective (French Premiere)
16- The Major by Yury Bykov
17- Ugly by Anurag Kashyap
18- Contracted by Eric England (French Premiere)
19- Wrong Cops by Quentin Dupieux
20- Europa Report by Sebastián Cordero (French Premiere)

1- 9 Mois Ferme by Albert Dupontel - introduced by director
2- Tik Tik Aswang Chronicles by Erik Matti (French Premiere)
3- A Little Bit Zombie by Casey Walker (French Premiere)
4- Blood C: The Last Dark by Naoyoshi Shiotani
5- LesDdépravés by Philippe Barassat (World Premiere) - introduced by director & team
6- The Last Supper by Lu Chan
7- Frankenstein's Army by Richard Raaphorst (French Premiere)
8- Miss Zombie by Sabu aka Hiroyuki Tanaka (European Premiere)
9- Borgman by Alex Van Warmerdam
10- El Santos VS La Tetona Mendoza by Alejandro Lozano & Andrés Couturier
11- Dark Touch by Marina De Van (French Premiere) - introduced by director
12- Wasteland by Rowan Athale
13- Nothing Bad Can Happen by Katrin Gebbe - introduced by director
14- Worm by Andrew Bowser (International Premiere)
15- Bad Film by Sono Sion
16- The Taking by Cezil reed & Lydelle Jackson (French Premiere)
17- Found by Scott Schirmer (French Premiere)
18- Ghost Graduation by Javier Ruiz Caldera (French Premiere)
19- Northwest by Michael Noer
20- Snowpiercer by Bong Joon-Ho - introduced by director along with Jean-Marc Rochette & Benjamin Legrand (authors of the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige on which the film is based).

UNRELEASED / PREVIEWS: Doc umen tarie s
1- That's Sexploitation by Frank Henenlotter (European Premiere)
2- Death Metal Angola by Jeremy Xido (French Premiere)
3- À l'est de L'enfer by Matthieu Canaguier (World Premiere) - introduced by director
4- Rewind This by Josh Johnson (French Premiere)
5- L'autre Monde (The Other World) by Richard Stanley (French Premiere) - introduced by director and Simon Boswell
6- The Secret Glory by Richard Stanley - introduced by director and Simon Boswell
7- The Final Member by Jonah Bekhor & Zach Math (French Premiere)

1- La Chienne by Jean Renoir
2- Foolish Wives by Eric von Stroheim
3- Elmer Gantry by Richard Brooks
4- Star Suburb by Stéphane Drouot
5; The Mystery of the Leaping Fish by John Emerson
6- The Dentist by Leslie Pearce
5- All That Jazz by Bob Fosse

1- The Widower by Marcus Rogers + I love you...I'm the porn queen by Ani Kyd (French Premiere)
2- Boat People by Ann Hui
3- The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T by Roy Rowland
4- Freak Orlando by Ulrike Ottinger
5- Wesley Willis's Joy Rides by Chris Bagley & Kim Shively (French Premiere)

1- Kanashimi no Belladonna by Eiichi Yamamoto (unreleased)
2- La Torre de los siete jorobados by Edgar Neville
3- Joe by John Advisen
4- Amazon Women on the Moon by Joe Dante, John Landis...
5- Nezha Nao Hai by Wang Shuchen
6- Murder party by Jeremy Saulnier (French Premiere) - introduced by director
7- Thunder in the Sun by Russell Rouse
8- Parents by Bob Ballaban
9- Blood diner by Jackie Kong
10- Desperate Living by John Waters

1- Night dreams by Francis Delia (unreleased)
2- Café Flesh by Stephen Sayadian (unreleased)
3- Party doll A go-go! by Stephen Sayadian (French Premiere)
4- Dr Caligari by Stephen Sayadian (French Premiere)

1- Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde by Roy Ward Baker
2- El Chuncho, Quien Sabe? by Damiano Damiani
3- The penthouse by Peter Collinson

1- The Golden Voyage of Sinbad by Gordon Hessler
2- Maniac by William Lustig
3- Starcrash by Luigi Cozzi

1- I am Divine by Jeffrey Schwarz (French Premiere)
2- Polyester by John Waters (with Odorama!)
3- Female Trouble by John Waters
4- Lust in the Dust by Paul Bartel

1- 009-1, The End of the Beginning by Koichi Sakamoto (International Premiere) - introduced by Mayuko Iwasa
2- Stray Cat Rock : Sex Hunter by Yasuharu Hasebe (unreleased)
3- A Gun for Jennifer by Todd Philips
4- Caged Heat by Jonathan Demme

curated by Serge Bromberg
The Most Dangerous Game by Ernest B. Schoedsack & Irving Pichel (restored version)

FHAR, Gazolines, Pagode, Guy & Co
introduced by Lionel Soukaz

(Audience Choice & Canal+Award)
41 films / 5 programs

Corps Psyché at Galerie Le Cabinet des curieux
Laurent Impéduglia / Caroline Sury at Galerie Arts factory

Jello Biafra & Le Dernier Cri present BAN EVERYTH ING ! (World Creation)
A « Carte Blanche » to NETWORK AWESOME
(hosted by Jason Forrest) on L'Étrange Festival website
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