Sabu Has A Crush On MISS ZOMBIE. Watch The Trailer Now!

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Sabu Has A Crush On MISS ZOMBIE. Watch The Trailer Now!
Long time cult favorite director Sabu may have taken a turn towards the mainstream with his more recent output but it would appear that he's getting back to his playfully inventive and - it should be said - somewhat odd roots with his new effort, Miss Zombie.

Komatsu Ayaka stars as the titular undead woman, a zombie delivered to a man's house in a cage with a gun and a sign saying not to feed her meat. She seems harmless enough so they keep her as a domestic servant.

This one appears to be a rousing return to form for Sabu, an impression backed up by the fact the film has already been confirmed to appear in the L'Etrange Festival in France and Korea's Busan International Film Festival. Take a look at the trailer below.
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