Guanajuato 2013: Aronofsky Sure Loves El Santo! His Visit In Quotes And Photos

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Darren Aronofsky's visit to Guanajuato (GIFF 2013) was an absolute blast! Aronofsky fully won over the Mexican audience the night before his master class, when he showed up for a The Wrestler screening at the Guanajuato Capital's Teatro Juarez. He dismissed the people with the best seats in the theater, certainly the elite press and the VIP guests of the festival, and saluted the regular folks who were in line for 2 hours and got pretty shitty spots (I can confirm this as I was one of those persons).

The festival's homage to Aronofsky took place before The Wrestler. It went just as Danny Boyle's, with a great tribute video and Aronofsky leaving the theater as the film started. However, this time something quite bizarre happened: the elite abandoned the Teatro Juarez as well in order to attend a party, and so for The Wrestler the best spots of the theater were almost empty. Kudos to Fabio Grassadonia, director of Salvo, and to Julius Feldmeier, star of Nothing Bad Can Happen, for staying through the whole film. Curiously, Aronofsky asked, "Who hasn't seen The Wrestler before?" and Feldmeier raised his hand, gaining a spot next to Aronofsky (who ultimately left the German actor alone).

The master class was scheduled for the next day (Saturday, July 27) at noon. Aronofsky was once again completely devoted to his fans and he owned the show. The 2-hour class was going to be a conversation between the filmmaker and a moderator during the first hour, to later become a Q&A with the audience. However, Aronofsky didn't like the moderator's questions, which involved many themes but nothing film-related, and he became the boss.

The director ordered a premature Q&A with the public and even obligated the festival's organizers to get a microphone to the second floor of the auditorium! I just loved to see Aronofsky taking the organizers out of their comfort zone. He, for instance, took the time to sign a Pi DVD for a fan who asked exactly for that during the Q&A: "You're going to waste your third question on an autograph? You can bring that, I'll sign it right now", said Aronofsky.

While many questions of the moderator and the public as well were far from great, Aronofsky always gave precise, clever and fun answers. For example, when asked about his favorite film, he responded it was El Santo Contra las Momias (The Mummies of Guanajuato)! I now bring you some cool photos of Aronofsky and the top quotes from the master class. He didn't talk much about the upcoming Noah, but there are plenty of bits about The Fountain, The Wrestler and Black Swan.

Darren Aronofsky:

“My favorite movie? El Santo vs. the Mummies (aka The Mummies of Guanajuato), of course.”

“I love The Cure.”

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