Full Disclosure: ScreenAnarchy's Lists of Shame - June

Editor, Asia; Hong Kong, China (@Marshy00)
Welcome to Full Disclosure, in which Team ScreenAnarchy confesses to the classics that they have never seen, then remedies the situation by casting fresh eyes on those films for the very first time. For June we are mixing up the format a little bit, presenting our selections in a more easily digestible gallery format, if for no other reason than to include everyone's submissions in a single post.

But make no mistake, this month is as chock full of cinematic gems as ever: Roman Polanski's Chinatown is tackled by three of our collective, Andrei Tarkovsky's Andrei Rublev gets a serious grilling, we also have films from the likes of Wong Kar Wai, Charlie Chaplin and even Bruce Lee being savoured as never before. So simply click the right hand side of the banner image below to proceed. Enjoy! 
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