Normal Banners Aren't Big Enough For PACIFIC RIM.

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Normal Banners Aren't Big Enough For PACIFIC RIM.
Here at ScreenAnarchy we tend not to put up each and every movie poster on the main page. Pretty ones that catch our eyes are generally posted on our Facebook page, but there are of course always exceptions.

Case in point: the poster campaign so far for Pacific Rim, Guillermo Del Toro's upcoming giant monsters versus giant robots flick. We haven't run every single one of their robot posters, but we made sure we put them all up on Facebook because they have all been, without fail, awesome.

The latest one Warner Brothers released last week beats all of them into a pulp. And it's a hard one to publish, actually, as it has a weird format. They call it the "Superbanner" and you can download it here, to try and print it out yourself. Warning: try to print this at your office and you might get fired, as this baby will eat a paint cartridge or two, when printed at its intended size.

The download image has a size of 14,543 x 1024 pixels, meaning you'd need eight HD televisions side-by-side to watch all of the banner. The bits shown at the top and bottom here are exactly that: tiny bits of it.

Frankly I do not know if I want to see the film or just stare at this banner. No way can the story live up to the one my inner 12-year-old is making up while watching this...

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