Cannes 2013 First Impression: INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS Makes the Bad Times Fun

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The Coen Brothers return with the 1960s-set Inside Llewyn Davis, a delightful tragicomedy about a musician just trying to get a break. Oscar Isaac plays the titular Llewyn and this is very much his show from beginning to end. That's a good thing, too, as the very talented Isaac imbues Llewyn with just the right amount of crassness to make him an interesting character without making him unlikeable. It's a virtual cavalcade of talented actors of whose life Llewyn floats in and out. The most notable is Carey Mulligan whose turn as a folk singer with plenty of attitude shows us a side of Mulligan we haven't often seen. Fans of Girls will also love Adam Driver's small but hilarious role.

Those expecting a plot heavy story are bound to be a bit disappointed. Llewyn just kind of floats through life and the Coens bring us along for the ride. That's not to say that it isn't an immensely enjoyable journey with many laughs and some truly beautiful musical peformances. The film is also an absolute joy to look at with Bruno Debonnel's lucious cinematography often stealing the show. Fans of the Coens will find plenty to like here, even if it doesn't end up challenging for the top of the brothers' list. Regardless, this is a charming personal portrait that will be fun to revisit over the years.

CBS Films will bring the films to screens in the US in December .

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