New Stills and Character Posters for Charlie Young's CHRISTMAS ROSE

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New Stills and Character Posters for Charlie Young's CHRISTMAS ROSE
Set to hit screens later this year, Christmas Rose sees Hong Kong actress Charlie Young step behind the camera for the first time to direct Aaron Kwok, Gwei Lun Mei and Chang Chen in a high-stakes legal thriller. Gwei plays a handicapped girl who accuses her doctor of sexual assault. Awon Kwok plays her defense attorney only to go head to head across the courtroom with the man who recently replaced him at a top-ranked law firm.

This seems a strange choice for Young, and the English title will certainly take some explaining, but she has gathered together a strong cast and the courtroom has always proved a popular arena for theatrical grandstanding. So while the jury is still out on the final film, a series of stills, character posters and official artwork have now been released. Check them out below.
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Marcel SamsonMarch 13, 2013 2:47 PM

I love Gwei Lun Mei as an actress, would watch anything she's in, but man, I really don't like Aaron Kwok. Makes everything so over the top, and more often than not that's not meant in a good way....