Slamdance 2013 Exclusive Video: Forest Whitaker Talks Producing & VIPAKA

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Slamdance 2013 Exclusive Video: Forest Whitaker Talks Producing & VIPAKA
One cool aspect of Slamdace that I have yet to talk about is Slamdance TV, which is  a very cool gang of folks -- including Ben Hethcoat, Michael Felker and Eric Ekman -- who run around Park City making videos for the festival. Filmmaker interviews, wacky skits, sledding... you name it, they've probably done their own spin on it. As it so happens one Mr. Forest Whitaker is in town in support of the Slamdance title Vipaka, which he produced. So the lads at "SDTV" got the rare chance to sit down with Whitaker and chat about his producing career. We've got the exclusive video.

Here's a bit more on Vipaka. Below is the link to where can watch the video courtesy of Slamdance TV.

An earnest life-coach/author, Thomas Carter, is mysteriously abducted by a deranged client, Angel Sanchez, who delves into Thomas' teachings and uses his spiritual messages of Karma - action and reaction (Vipaka), against him to terrorize him and his family for their past sins.

2013 forest intv FF from Slamdance on Vimeo.

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