More News On GODZILLA Comes Stomping In

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More News On GODZILLA Comes Stomping In
More news on the upcoming Gareth Edwards (Monsters) directed reboot of Godzilla has come stomping in over the last couple of days.

Even with the drama between Legendary Pictures and the producers they are trying to trample like tiny cardboard buildings (Dan Lin, Roy Lee and Doug Davison respectively), wiping them from the forthcoming kaiju epic, the force of nature that is the Godzilla redux still lumbers forward.

Now we have fan-favorite and Oscar winner Frank Darabont being brought in to work his magic on the screenplay in a last-minute re-write which I imagine will probably be mostly about dialog, before the proposed April start date for shooting. Anything more would surely push that calendar back, which then again may not be a bad thing either, given the fact that Guillermo Del Toro's forthcoming mechs vs. giant monsters epic Pacific Rim (which has the potential to be a massive blockbuster) is also dropping soon, and could really steal some of the nuclear breath from The King Of Monsters. A little leeway and lagtime on Godz's part might actually be beneficial.

Also, as far as casting news, it looks like Aaron Taylor-Johnson, star of the meta-superhero hit Kick-Ass (and the forthcoming Kick-Ass 2) could well be stepping into the lead role. This is good news, given I thought he was pretty great as Vronsky in the recent Anna Karenina. He'd be the third Caucasian protagonist to go up against the Big Green Guy, after old school star Raymond Burr (who was edited into the US version of the original as most of us know), and Ferris Bueler himself, Matthew Broderick (who stunk up the already smelly Roland Emmerich reboot). Whether Taylor-Johnson will once again don an American accent, or play it in his native British tongue remains to be seen.

The bigger question is...will there be a Gadzooky involved???
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