Kim Bodnia Goes Rogue In Danish Thriller THE SHOOTER (SKYTTEN)

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Kim Bodnia Goes Rogue In Danish Thriller THE SHOOTER (SKYTTEN)
Boasting an all star cast of Kim Bodnia, Nikolaj Lie-Kaas and Trine Dyrholm, Annette K Olesen's The Shooter is not at all what international audiences have come to expect from Danish cinema. Eschewing the arthouse it looks to be a slick, polished thriller gunning straight for mainstream audiences. And it appears to be very much on target.

Denmark is in turmoil as it becomes known that the government has broken a crucial election promise not to extract oil in the beautiful and vulnerable Arctic. The potential consequences are incalculable and journalist Julie takes up the battle through a debate with those responsible. But Rasmus, a geophycisist who has just returned from the Arctic, feels a need to resort to extreme methods. Equipped with a gun, he not only takes the government hostage, but the whole of Copenhagen as well. His demand is that the drilling must stop or he will start killing people.
A remake of a 1977 film, you can see the first trailer for this latest version of The Shooter below.

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