Jakob Cedergren Searches For SANCTUARY

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Jakob Cedergren Searches For SANCTUARY
Danish star Jakob Cedergren first caught my eye in Dagur Kari's 2005 effort Dark Horse, a sly and understated sense of humor making him a standout in the piece. It turns out I'd already seen Cedergren at least once before that - in Thomas Anders Jensen's The Green Butchers - but Dark Horse is where it became clear that he was one to watch. And he has rewarded audiences since, anchoring films such as the stellar Terribly Happy and Submarino while proving himself one of the most reliable performers in the region.

Cedergren appears next in a Swedish production, the dramatic thriller Sanctuary (Faro) by Fredrik Edfeldt.

Faro is about a man who flees into the forest with his daughter to escape a prison sentence. Chased by police and other authorities, the two of them get to spend a final summer of freedom together. Their meeting with nature and their struggle for survival breathes new life into the relationship before the inevitable end.
Conceptually quite similar to Glendyn Ivin's Last Ride, the first trailer here promises something nonetheless quite distinct. It's a beautifully shot piece of work, if nothing else, and with Cedergren starring you can expect a fantastic central performance as well. Check the trailer below.

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