Meet Mr Jesus In Trailer For Thai Thriller COUNTDOWN

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Meet Mr Jesus In Trailer For Thai Thriller COUNTDOWN
Responsible for a string of the finest chillers in the Thai wave, production house GTH - producers of Shutter, Alone, Dorm, Phobia and others - have largely moved away from the dark stuff in recent years with the company focusing more on comedies, particularly of the romantic kind. But, perhaps spurred to a degree by the success of last year's Laddaland they're getting back to the grisly ground that really made their name internationally.

Coming soon from the company is Countdown, the story of three Thai university students studying in New York City who opt for a little chemical stimulation while counting down (natch) the final moments of New Years Eve. What they don't realize is that along with their pot they're also getting psychotic dealer Jesus.  Check the trailer below for the results.
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