Hammer > Jaw. THE CURE Teases Just Right.

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Hammer > Jaw. THE CURE Teases Just Right.
I'm not sure what's going on in this trailer for Pitchaya Jarusboonpracha's The Cure but I like it. Billed as a supernatural action thriller by its 23-year-old director, the trailer packs a hell of a punch with beautiful imagery and the same insane full contact action we've come to love from Thailand

Shot on the Cannon 5D, this looks very impressive from a first time feature director, one so young as well. Not sure when this will be released, as all the info on their Facebook page is in Thai and it doesn't say in the trailer either, but I'm sure we'll get that info post haste from the filmmakers.

So take a look at the trailer below and then head on over to their Facebook page to look at all the pretty pictures they've posted.
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