Fantastic Fest: Yamaguchi Yudai Drunkenly Reviews Yamaguchi Yudai's TEBANA SANKICHI

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Fantastic Fest: Yamaguchi Yudai Drunkenly Reviews Yamaguchi Yudai's TEBANA SANKICHI
Tebana Sankichi in is a feature-length shorts made ​​by independent production 20 years ago. Tebana Sankichi is a comedy, rather than the usual comedy, it is a work that depicted the successive episodes put on rock music of the 70's in Japan. I want you to look at the sense of a radio DJ. Asami Times in Dalmeny. The idea came from the original from Goodfellas. The mafia that is repeated twice in the Goutte Fellows came out, I was referring to the character of Shiro Twice it. Do not believe anyone tell me, I is Goodfellas original materials. 20 years ago when I made the Tebana Sankichi in independent film, it is the story of the bizarre climax when the show screened by the Board, at the time, had been preparing for Versus director Ryuhei Kitamura and. Said Mr. Ryuhei saw Tebana Sankichi I, and you want to cast a guy, Sakaguchi became the protagonist of Versus.
After this, I since we will debut director Ryuhei's produced at Battlefield Baseball, is not that the work Tebana Sankichi who made a career for me.
Since we will feature the work into such monumental, fighting spirit has entered too.
What is the difference and say, ordinarily, a commercial movie
It is what is created when you make more or less aware of the audience, I was made ​​to expose what you want to do your own things like this initial impulse.
I thought I Warukare wrongly, it might be transmitted to the audience straight.

I am glad that this time, Tebana Sankichi thus made ​​will be screened at the fest Fanta Institute network, let me in the audience were in the United States.

[Throughout Fantastic Fest ScreenAnarchy will be presenting a series of drunken reviews of films as penned by the film's own director. They are created under the following rules. The director will be poured five shots of alcohol, which they have fifteen minutes to drink. They then have half an hour to write, in their own language, why their movie is the greatest movie ever made. The answers will then be run through Google Translate and posted as is. This one almost makes sense. Clearly Yamaguchi needed more vodka.]
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