Silent Hill: Relevation 3D Trailer Promises Stuff In Your Face.

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Silent Hill: Relevation 3D Trailer Promises Stuff In Your Face.
I was a big fan of the Silent Hill game franchise, the immensely creepy survival horror games that made you afraid to play with the lights out. The first movie, directed by Brotherhood Of The Wolf's Christophe Gans had its moments but ultimately fell flat, for me at least, but interest in the material and solid box office success opened the door for a sequel and the producers got Solomon Kane director Michael J. Bassett (another favorite of mine) to handle the reigns this time around. As the title suggests the film is in 3D and the new trailer that premiered today over at Yahoo has plenty of monsters, dust, fog and amusement park equipment flying in your general direction.
A number of the cast members from the first film will make a return in the sequel so it seems to be a direct continuation of the first film. The visuals look good, lets hope the rest holds up as well.

Silent Hill Trailer On Yahoo
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