CONSPIRATORS Teaser Trailer Takes Us On an Organ Harvest Cruise!

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CONSPIRATORS Teaser Trailer Takes Us On an Organ Harvest Cruise!
Here's a brandnew teaser for an upcoming Korean film called Conspirators that up until now wasn't on my radar. It's a dark thriller about organ harvesters operating on a cruise ship (I think)... and it looks fantastic! The film stars Lim Chang-jung (Miracle on 1st Street, 2007), Daniel Choi (Cyrano Agency, 2010) and Oh Dal-su, one of my favorite Korean actors who will also be appearing in this summer's The Thieves

Conspirators is helmed by Kim Hong-sun, who appears to be yet another rookie director selected to produce a studio film in Korea, many have been forgettable but some have made strong impressions, like Kim Min-suk back in 2010 with Haunters. There's a lot of potential here even with so little actual footage in the teaser, and while I may be getting ahead of myself, I have a feeling this may turn out to be one of the summer's surprise Korean hits.

Looking forward to a full trailer, a poster and a release date! In the meantime, check it out below:
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