Michael S Ojeda Will Be SAVAGED

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Michael S Ojeda Will Be SAVAGED
Sometime back in 2011 I had the chance to see some proof of concept footage for Michael S Ojeda's Savaged. Absolutely soaked in blood and with a compelling premise Ojeda has the potential to create a significant cult hit with this one and I'm glad to see it moving ahead. Check out the press release below.

Toronto, Canada - Toronto based genre sales and distribution company, Raven Banner Entertainment has entered into a co-production deal with Green Dog Films and Reigning Entertainment for helmer-scribe Michael S. Ojeda's action horror, "Savaged."

Project, financed by Raven Banner and Cart Before the Horse Productions LLC, is expected to begin lensing this week at an abandoned gold mine on the outskirts of Los Angeles with Raven Banner handling world sales.

Savaged tells the story of Zoe (starring newcomer Amanda Adrienne), a beautiful deaf woman who is abducted, brutalized and left for dead by a murderous gang.  When she is found by a local native medicine man, he tries to save her but his efforts take a disastrous turn when she awakes possessed by a murdered Apache chief, hellbent on revenge.

Writer/Director, Ojeda recently directed two season's of Spike's "Deadliest Warrior" and his first feature, Lana's Rain was released theatrically in the U.S. and earned three stars from critic, Roger Ebert.

"Savaged is a throwback to classic horror movies like "Evil Dead", "Dawn of the Dead" and "Frankenstein", fused with today's filmmaking sensibilities while incorporating popular elements such as a strong female lead, revenge, and even the zombie mythos, with a powerful love story and of course edge of your seat action"  says Ojeda. "The passion and belief that Raven Banner has expressed in my project is more than flattering. I'm looking forward to building a long lasting relationship with them."

Jason Gurvitz, Lezlie Wheeler and Ojeda will produce.  Michael Paszt, James Fler and Andrew Hunt of Raven Banner and Jorden Fox, Jake Gelyana and Levi Fox of Cart Before the Horse Productions LLC will serve as exec producers.

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