UPDATED! Check out the trailer for Yubari 2012 runner-up THE BRAT!

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UPDATED! Check out the trailer for Yubari 2012 runner-up THE BRAT!
Now with an English-friendly version of the trailer!

In my opinion, the greatest discovery at this year's Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival was first-time feature director Taichi Suzuki's film THE BRAT! An anarchic anti-romantic comedy starring comedian Hiroki "King of Comedy" Konno as Daisuke, a disgruntled wannabe filmmaker and generally frustrated adolescent, who blames a lifetime of failures and snatched opportunities not on his own weaknesses and insecurities, but on the fact that he was born with an ugly face. That is until he meets the equally insecure but infinitely more attractive Momoko (Sayaka Tashiro), an aspiring young actress saddled with a small supporting role in the horror film on which Daisuke is working. What evolves in an incredibly original, funny and unpredictable film, brimming with youthful frustration and antagonism, as its poor misguided heroes strive for more meaningful goals and a happier life, qualified by the relationships and successes they have to-date only seen in the movies.

My full review of the film is already online, and there will be an interview with the director arriving on these pages in the coming days, but now you can check out the first kick-ass trailer for this great little movie.
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