Hey Toronto! Win Tickets And Swag For Canadian Horror Comedy A LITTLE BIT ZOMBIE

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Hey Toronto! Win Tickets And Swag For Canadian Horror Comedy A LITTLE BIT ZOMBIE
Casey Walker's horror comedy A Little Bit Zombie is a sneaky little charmer of a movie. A low budget, crowd funded effort it's clever, bloody and - most importantly - fun stuff bolstered by a wickedly over the top performance by Stephen McHattie as a hard boiled zombie hunter in pursuit of Steve, a normal guy who just happens to be a little bit zombie after being bitten by a zombie infected mosquito.

In the screenplay co-written by Christopher Bond, co-creator of 'Evil Dead The Musical', and Trevor Martin, Steve (Kristopher Turner) gets infected by a virus the week before his wedding and tries to keep it together so as to not incur the wrath of his Bridezilla-to-be (Crystal Lowe). While he attempts to fulfill his overwhelming desire for brains he must elude an obsessed zombie hunter (Stephen McHattie), who is hot on his trail.

A Little Bit Zombie is screening in Toronto on March 31st as part of the Canadian Film Festival at the Royal Cinema and you could be there for free with a load of very cool swag. The makers of the film are offering up a prize pack for two, including tickets to the screening on the 31st at the Royal, two knapsacks, four t-shirts, ten buttons and two iron-ons.

Want it? Couldn't be simpler. Just head over to the official A Little Bit Zombie Facebook page and post "Twitch is a little bit zombie" on their wall. The winner will be drawn on Thursday. Check out the trailer below!
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