First Image From Reynir Lyngdal's Glacial Horror FROST

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First Image From Reynir Lyngdal's Glacial Horror FROST
It requires a special kind of crazy to shoot a film on location on the Icelandic glaciers in mid-winter but that is exactly what director Reynir Lyngdal has done with the upcoming found footage style horror feature Frost. ScreenAnarchy first brought word of the upcoming film in January when shooting began and with principal photography now complete we have been given the first still of the film and the official - albeit brief - synopsis:

A young couple wake up at a science camp on a glacier and find out that it is mysteriously abandoned.
If the image above is any indication of what is to come then we can safely expect Frost to be one of the most visually striking films of this style ever made. Expect more from the film soon.

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