Look Out! The METAL TORNADO Touches Down In May!

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Look Out! The METAL TORNADO Touches Down In May!
Can the mighty Science Powers of Lou Diamond Phillips save us from the spinning vortex of death? Not if that artwork is to be believed, no. Because this is no ordinary tornado. This one is made of metal.

When a ground-breaking industrial experiment goes awry, the energy overflow manifests into a deadly swirling magnetic field! Workers and scientists scramble for safety as it quickly overwhelms the plant. This magnetized funnel begins consuming anything metallic --growing in strength and shredding everything in its path. Street signs are ripped from the ground, cars flung across parking lots, grain silos uprooted...the tornado of swirling metal unleashes!  Scientists, Steven Winters, Michael Edwards and Rebecca Adler, race against the clock to try to stop this extraordinary threat that continues to grow with every minute.  They realize their only way to stop this storm of destruction could ultimately be catastrophic, but they have no other choice.
Yes, it's all very silly and it arrives on US VOD on May 8th and on DVD May 22nd.

I wonder sometimes how often Lou Diamond Phillips wakes up and wonders what happened to his life after Young Guns.

Check the trailer below.

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Joe YoungJanuary 31, 2012 7:12 PM

Well...this looks more entertaining then Undertow (TV 1996)....but that production was R-rated and had topless scenes featuring post Legend Mia Sara.....not much can compete with that.

Maybe Lou Diamond Phillips can go back to do more American Dad! episodes..?

Tom StoneJanuary 31, 2012 10:18 PM

I freakin knew it! A quick Google and... produced by Anthony I Ginnane!