First Trailer For Canadian SciFi MARS ET AVRIL

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First Trailer For Canadian SciFi MARS ET AVRIL
The first trailer for Martin - yes, the brother of Denis -  Villeneuve's upcoming Canadian science fiction offering Mars Et Avril is a textbook example of the sort of film that can only exist within an industry driven by government subsidies. Whether this is a good or bad thing is entirely a matter of personal taste.

Mars et Avril is quite possibly the first Québécois film set in a Montreal of the future. As Man is about to set foot on Mars, a small community of anticybernetics is busy trying to slow down time. Among them is JACOB OBUS (Jacques Languirand), an emblematic and beloved septuagenarian who creates captivating music on instruments inspired by the female body, designed by his friend ARTHUR (Paul Ahmarani). Once Jacob and Arthur fall in love with AVRIL (Caroline Dhavernas), a young and short-winded photographer, the old sex-symbol's true nature is revealed. Upon discovering love for the first time in his life, Jacob leaves for Mars in search of his muse. In the midst of everything arrives EUGÈNE SPAAK (Robert Lepage), inventor, cosmologist and Arthur's father, who maintains that Mars is only a chimera.
Shot largely on green screen with environments added in post production, Mars Et Avril is very much on the arthouse end of the spectrum - the presence of genius theater maverick Robert Lepage is a sure fire indication of that - and while budget limits can be seen in some of the visuals others are simply fantastic. The failure of recent Belgian effort Mr Nobody to find a significant audience despite a much more audience friendly exterior leaves me with little hope for this one but time will tell. Take a look below.
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Todd BrownDecember 22, 2011 11:18 AM

Just to put that Mr Nobody comment in context, that film cost a reported 47 million dollars to make, had major festival support and released theatrically throughout Europe and in limited release in North America. Total box office according to IMDB: 650k. Ouch. I have no doubt that they don't have all the numbers there but they do track all the biggest territories that the film was released in so they're not going to be too far off ...

huffy08December 22, 2011 11:43 AM

For some reason the visuals really remind me of old live-action cutscenes that you'd find in a mid-90's PC game. Not necessarily a bad thing, it just looks...odd.