Baltasar Kormakur jumping head first in to Hollywood with a comic book adaption.

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Baltasar Kormakur jumping head first in to Hollywood with a comic book adaption.
It's safe to say that Baltasar Kormakur is Iceland's most successful director. After his block buster thriller Jar City set record numbers at the box office here at home he has been working on a bunch of projects over there in Hollywoodland. His first try at Hollywood came in the form of Inhale, a thriller that sort of came and went without much fanfare but got him enough notice that he was signed on to direct the remake of a film he wrote, produced and starred in, Reykjavik Rotterdam, under the title Contraband. It seems that his work with Mark Wahlberg has led to Baltasar signing on to direct the Wahlberg starring crime caper 2 Guns, based on the comic by Steven Grant and Mat Santolouco. The comic revolves around two unwitting undercover cops teaming up to rob a bank they think is owned and operated by the mob.
Now Baltasar has just recently finished Contraband and while he worked on that he was also working on his new Icelandic film The Deep, based on a true incident that happened here in the 80's, plus directing and starring in a couple of plays and he has also signed on to direct the mountain drama Everest. I don't know if the guy ever sleeps.

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