Anthony Hopkins To Hunt A Serial Killer In SOLACE

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Anthony Hopkins To Hunt A Serial Killer In SOLACE

Over the last decade Anthony Hopkins hasn't exactly chosen the most memorable of roles, with such films as Fracture, The Wolfman and recently The Rite merely big paycheck roles. But nonetheless he remains an acting legend and every once in a while chooses his roles wisely.

We can only hope that the latest film he's signed on for, a serial killer flick called Solace, will be one of his better choice of roles. Known most for playing serial killer cannibal Dr. Hannibal Lecter, Solace will see Hopkins play good guy John Clancy, "a former doctor with psychic abilities who works for the FBI and is drawn into a unique serial killer case that pits him against a formidable foe."

The film has gone through an incessant rewrite process with Sean Bailey and Ted Griffin having a stab at it first before it was rewritten by James Vanderbilt (Zodiac). However, the most recent draft was written by the very talented Peter Morgan (Frost/Nixon). The film is said to come at a time when studios are backing off from serial killer stories as other bad guys like aliens and assassins seem to be the focus. Perhaps in that way Solace will be a bit of gamble for New Line.

Even when he doesn't choose the best of roles Hopkins is almost always watchable for one reason or another, but other than the thesp's involvement Solace doesn't sound all that interesting at this point. Hopkins will next to be seen in Fernando Meirelle's 360, which will soon play at TIFF and coincidentally was also written by Morgan.

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