Foul-Mouthed Red Band Trailer For THE SITTER

Foul-Mouthed Red Band Trailer For THE SITTER

Do you find swearing funny? If so then you'll probably be interested in checking out the freshly released trailer for the upcoming Jonah Hill comedy The Sitter.

It's red band so inevitably it shows off the true R-Rated nature of the film that's going to attract the same type of audience who went to see and loved the likes of Superbad, Bad Teacher and most recently Horrible Bosses. But the trouble with the trailer is it gives off the impression that swearing and other foul-mouthed language is the punchline of all the movie's jokes.

The film is directed by David Gordon Green, who made the hilarious Pineapple Express and the not-so-hilarious Your Highness (after a drove of smaller indie flicks, that is). Sadly it looks like it carries over a lot of the profanity issues Your Highness had. Swearing can be funny and effective if it fits in with the rest of the movie but rarely when that's the joke in and of itself.

The Sitter stars (a noticeably slimmed down) Jonah Hill as a college student who, while on suspension, is forced into looking after his next door neighbor's three kids. Wild situations which Hill is not prepared to handle will no doubt ensue. 

Co-starring are the likes of Sam Rockwell, Ari Graynor, Max Records (Where the Wild Things Are) J.B. Smoove (aka Leon from Curb Your Enthusiasm), Jessica Hecht and Method Man.

Watch the trailer (introduced by Jonah Hill himself) and see what you make of the R-Rated shenanigans.

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