Dominic Cooper And Liv Tyler Look For THE CURE

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Dominic Cooper And Liv Tyler Look For THE CURE

Fans of both Dominic Cooper (The Devil's Double) and Liv Tyler (The Strangers) can rejoice as the two are reportedly circling the lead roles in a new thriller by the name of The Cure, which has been in development for a couple of years now.

The synopsis, thanks to Shock Till You Drop, is as follows:

Cooper would play Jeff, a man, desperate to cure his dying wife, Mary (Tyler), who gives her over to a strange doctor for an unconventional form of treatment. This cure ultimately turns her into a blood-craving killer.

Cooper has reportedly be offered his role while the producers are showing strong interest in Tyler. 

Dennis Iliadis (of the surprisingly good The Last House on the Left remake) has been attached to direct the thriller since 2009 and the script is written by Beau Thorne (the fact that he wrote the terrible Max Payne video game movie doesn't bode well for this). Michael London, Janice Williams, Brian Witten and Michael Connolly are producing.

I'm not the world's biggest Tyler fan (although I don't dislike her either) but Cooper impressed me so much in the recent The Devil's Double (I smell an Oscar nomination) that I'll see pretty much anything he's in from now on.

Here's hoping The Cure doesn't turn out to be another one of those generic and predictable thrillers.

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