Svankmajer Adapting Karel Capek's THE INSECT PLAY

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Svankmajer Adapting Karel Capek's THE INSECT PLAY
Famed animator Jan Svankmajer has announced that his next project will be an adaptation of The Insect Play - an early work from Czech science fiction writer Karel Capek.

One of the greatest experimental / stop motion animators in the world, Svankmajer has potent material to work with here, Capek's tale one which puts human characteristics into insects and insect characteristics into humans for an effect that will surely call to mind Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis. The Svankmajer version will be titled simply Insects and is not due for completion and release until 2015.

Capek himself is an interesting figure and one whose work is increasingly being mined for film. He is widely credited with creating the term 'robot' and was one of the most influential science fiction writers of his time. Capek's War Of The Newts is also currently in the process of adaptation to film.
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jcaplesMay 9, 2011 12:23 AM

Josef Čapek coined the term robot and co-wrote The Insect Play.