Multiple Versions Of Sono's GUILTY OF ROMANCE In Cannes

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Multiple Versions Of Sono's GUILTY OF ROMANCE In Cannes
Fans of Cold Fish and Love Exposure director Sion Sono take note: There are two radically different versions of his latest picture, Guilty Of Romance, screening in Cannes.

Screening as part of the Director's Fortnight selection is the full, unabashed cut of the picture, a version that clocks in at two hours and twenty three minutes. Meanwhile, over in the Marche Du Film - the film market where pictures are bought and sold for international distribution - a completely different cut is being screened, one that comes in at just one hour fifty two minutes for a difference of just slightly over half an hour.

While it's not unusual for producers to prepare multiple versions of a film for different markets this is the first instance I've ever come across where two different versions of the same film are being presented at the same event: One version for critics and one version for buyers.
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