Sion Sono's GUILTY OF ROMANCE In UK Theaters September 30th, Ahead Of Japan

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Sion Sono's GUILTY OF ROMANCE In UK Theaters September 30th, Ahead Of Japan
Here is some interesting news: Sion Sono's latest film, Guilty of Romance, is currently set to premiere on UK screens on September 30th, at least a full month ahead of its Japanese theatrical opening.  This is certainly unusual, though not entirely unprecedented I don't think.  An interesting addendum is that UK Blu-ray and DVD presentations are scheduled for October 31st, which is also ahead of the Japanese theatrical run. 

This presents a minor conundrum in the home video arena.  In the English speaking world (and I include most of Europe for this sake of this argument), parallel importing can take a bite out of the sales of domestic releases of popular foreign fare.  I don't really think that these dates will run in conflict with one another since most parallel importing seems to run from Asia into the English speaking territories and not the other way around.  Still, it is an interesting question. 

Here are the details on Guilty of Romance in the UK:



Sion Sono / Japan / 2011 / 112 minutes / 1.85:1 / Colour

UK & Eire Theatrical Release Date: 30 September 2011
Cert: TBC
Opening in selected cinemas nationwide
Formats available: DIGITAL & BLU-RAY
DVD/Blu-ray Release: 31 October 2011

A dramatic account of three women and their lives, seen through the looking glass of sex, words, madness, death, and family, Guilty of Romance -- the new crime noir from the award-winning director Sion Sono (Love Exposure, Cold Fish) -- tells the tale of three women entangled in a mystery...a mystery that is the gate to a hell-bound love like no other!

Set just before the turn of the 21st century, a grisly murder occurs in Maruyama-cho, Shibuya -- a love hotel district -- a woman was found dead in a derelict apartment in the pouring rain. Whilst the police investigate, the story interweaves with that of Izumi, the wife of a famous romantic novelist whose life seems just a daily repetition without romance. One day, to break away from the loveless monotony, she decides to follow her desires and accepts a job as a naked model faking sex in front of the camera. Soon she meets with a mentor and starts selling her body to strangers, whilst at home she hides behind the facade that she is still the wife she is supposed to be.

Bombarding the audience with graphic images and assaulting the emotions with classical music, Sion Sono has produced a movie that provokes all your senses, blending genres of film noir with drama and mystery, and showcasing the directors trademark style and use of vivid colour to portray emotion and mood, Guilty of Romance is the final and most exhilarating part of Sono's "hate"

EUREKA ENTERTAINMENT will be distributing Guilty of Romance in the UK & Eire which is set for release on 30 September 2011 in cinemas nationwide.
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