SciFi Anime APPLESEED XIII In Trailer Form

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SciFi Anime APPLESEED XIII In Trailer Form
Anime fans hungry for whatever series would fill the gap post Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex have been keeping their eyes on Appleseed XIII for a good while now. It makes sense. The two series share a production company in Production IG - though IG is only in a support role on this new effort - and both are based on works by Masamune Shirow set in high tech, cyborg based future scenarios.

A thirteen episode television series with plans already announced for a pair of feature film releases, each of which will compress the story of half of the television series, the first trailer has arrived on the official site, though it takes a bit of IP jiggery to be able to see it. We've done it so you don't have to and you can check the trailer below.

Verdict? There are bits and flashes that live up to the legacy of Shirow's work and the gorgeous animation of the two recent features but there are also parts that just don't feel done. There's enough to get me to look at the first episode or two but this certainly does nothing to heighten expectations.
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