Trailer for English Language Remake of 13 TZAMETI

Trailer for English Language Remake of 13 TZAMETI
Jason Statham's got his paws all up in the trailer world this week. Yesterday we saw the Stath in the remake of The Mechanic and today we get a taste of him in 13, Georgian-French filmmaker Géla Babluani's remake of his 2006 neo-noir 13 Tzameti. It revolves around the most badass game outside of Michael Vick's basement you can possibly gamble on: Russian Roulette! Judging by this gloomy trailer, in fact, the movie hemorrhages badass and maintains the noir aesthetics of the original. I could watch Jason Statham (in a Popeye Doyle-ish pork pie hat), Ray Winstone, and Mickey Rourke all muttering at each other forever - not to mention Michael Shannon yelling a whole bunch. 50 Cent also stars, and even though he's not a great actor, he's been shot nine times. So that's badass.
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