Alexi Tan Shows His Comic Side With COLOR ME LOVE

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Alexi Tan Shows His Comic Side With COLOR ME LOVE
That Blood Brothers director Alexi Tan intended to continue his relationship with producers Terence Chang and John Woo via their Lion Rock Entertainment is not at all news. Tan's relationship with that duo is well established and shortly after Blood Brothers word came out that they would be working together again on an action film titled Detour. So the working relationship, not a surprise. That they've actually gone and completed another film together now, also not a surprise. That the film they've done is not only not Detour but also of an entirely different genre, well, that part's a bit of a surprise.

With up and comer Yao Chen in the lead, Color Me Love appears to be a Chinese take on The Devil Wears Prada, a rom-com targeted directly at the growing class of Chinese young and upwardly mobile. The first trailer has just arrived and, this being a Tan film, it looks impeccably crafted. Check it below.
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