Get Spooked By Daniel Stamm's THE LAST EXORCISM

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Get Spooked By Daniel Stamm's THE LAST EXORCISM
While I've commented before on what I believe is an overly-aggressive trailer campaign for the Eli Roth produced, Daniel Stamm directed horror picture The Last Exorcism - the trailer doing every shy of jumping up and down shouting "I'm scary!" while incorporating clips from all of the major moments of the picture - I do find myself rather pleased by the clips from the film that have been released. These, unlike the trailer, capture the general mood and tone of the thing quite nicely and let it speak for itself without throwing in a lot of bang and flash. And this is a good thing because this film is MORE than strong enough to stand on its own.

In the latest clip we follow the Reverend Cotton Marcus - at this stage of the film alone in the house with his film crew and a possibly possessed girl - as he breaks into the girl's bedroom to find something rather unexpected and not at all pleasant. Nothing particularly spoilery here and it does a very good job of representing the bulk of the film. Check it below.
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