First Teaser For Hideo Nakata's Japanese Thriller THE INCITE MILL

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First Teaser For Hideo Nakata's Japanese Thriller THE INCITE MILL
It is looking to be a busy year for Ringu director Hideo Nakata. Not only does the man who kicked off the whole J-horror craze have his latest English language effort - Chat Room - screening in Cannes but he's got a new Japanese effort, too, with The Incite Mill. With any luck at least one of these will mark the return of the good Nakata as opposed to the mysterious clone who has been churning out vastly inferior pictures for the past several years.

Incite Mill is your basic 'trapped-in-a-house-with-a-crazy-person' thriller, this one revolving around a group lured in by a help wanted ad only to be mysteriously killed off. It's a formula that has been played out a ton of times before but when done well it's still got some good legs.

The first teaser for the film has arrived on the official website and can be seen below. It's just a series of still images edited together but it does at least give you a look at things. H
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