First Terracotta Far East Film Festival Titles Announced! LITTLE BIG SOLDIER! ACCIDENT! FISH STORY!

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First Terracotta Far East Film Festival Titles Announced! LITTLE BIG SOLDIER! ACCIDENT! FISH STORY!
The Terracotta Far East Film Festival have just announced the first titles for their 2010 edition and it promises to be a very good year, indeed!  Quickly establishing themselves as the premiere showcase for Asian film in the UK, Terracotta opens this edition with Jackie Chan's Little Big Soldier before moving on to acclaimed festival hits like Soi Cheang's Accident and Japanese punk rock time traveling save the world comedy Fish Story.  Read on for the full announcement!

Jackie Chans' latest film, 'Little Big Soldier', a period-action road-trip movie, will open the festival on 6th May 2010.

The film by Ding Sheng is set in the time when China wasn't yet a country and was still comprised of seven warring states. Jackie Chan plays a reluctant conscript from one of these states and finds himself fortuitously capturing an enemy general, whom he can bring back to his home-state to trade release from army service.

Other highlights from the four day festival includes: Soi Cheang's 'Accident' (which was In Competition at Venice Film Festival 2009), Japanese indie feature 'Fish Story' ('can a punk rock song save the world from a meteorite?'), and Korean 'gay cake store musical' 'Antique' (an adaptation of the popular Japanese manga series Seiyō Kottō Yōgashite).

The festival will also include a documentary double-bill from doc-maker Yves Montmayeur: 'In The Mood For Love', which closely follows celebrated cinematographer Christopher Doyle, and 'Yakuza Eiga' an examination of the importance of Yakuza cinema, featuring many interviews from past and present Japanese actors and directors as well as real-life Yakuza.

Full-line up announcements will be made in the coming weeks via press release and their website:

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