Fight! Fight! Fight! Marc Vorlander responds to Rena Riffel's Showgirls 2 plans.

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Fight! Fight! Fight! Marc Vorlander responds to Rena Riffel's Showgirls 2 plans.
Out of all the films in the history of cinema, where two people are fighting to make their own sequel to a infamous movie, it has to be Showgirls. Really?
Sure I mean I enjoy the original, especially the fantastic edition that MGM released a few years ago featuring one of my all time favorite commentary tracks, but it's for all the wrong reason. 
So as you know german filmmaker Marc Vorlander sort of came out of the blue with the plans to make a sequel to the film, without MGM's involvement but many thought the whole idea was some kind of joke. Then Rena Riffel, one of the stars from the original said that she was also making a sequel, focusing on her character 15 years later. Vorlander seems to have gotten a wiff of this, especially since Riffel was originally supposed to be in his version and sent us this letter to voice his opinion on the whole matter.
Take it away Mr. Vorlander.


There is no second Showgirls sequel!!

My film Showgirls: The Return is already in the post production and will be
finished this spring. The trailer for it is clicked more than 15 million
times on the official website
Rena Riffels teaser is watched less than 1000 times, although it was
published only days after my trailer. It\\\'s a teaser for a film that does
not even exists..., pure fake - a big lie.

I was in contact with Rena Riffel for almost one year and it was a strange
expierience. She was in as actress, writer, co-producer and composer for my
film during the pre-production, I still have her signed Letter Of Intent for

Within the following 6 month she turned out to be unable to produce, compose
or write anything... The project was growing, but all we get from her was
\\\"wait for my masterpiece of a script\\\". Well, she failed to deliver on
two fix dates that she promised... and in addition she raised her requested
salary to 50% of the total gross and 1 million Dollar extra... After that I
had no other choice and I fired her by email in july.
In october there were some press reporting about my film including
speculations about Rena Riffel part of it and she mailed me, but because I
was unable to answer her within 36 hours since I was already shooting the
film..., she gave David Schmader an extremely unprofessional interview and
told lies about not knowing me with exeption of talking once to me and never
heard back...
However she apologized for that soon after and asked me to for a chance to
return to the project... I agreed so far and she asked for money to shoot
with a second unit directed by her. My producers refused since earlier
expieriences with Miss Riffel, so Rena offered me some already existing
footage that would fit into the films context..., and again she delivered
nothing of what she promised and my producers asked me to kick her out for
once and all.

Rena Riffels \\\"Showgirl\\\" fake teaser is just her very last attempt to
participate from the popularity of my upcoming film...There is only one
Showgirls sequel.

And there you have it. Stay tuned for what I'm sure will be a good old cat fight.
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Ard VijnMarch 16, 2010 11:07 AM

Oh my god. This would be soooo funny if it wasn't so..., wait. It still IS funny!

Agent WaxMarch 16, 2010 9:56 PM

Any chance they could settle this by naked jello wrestling?

Oh, wait. Vorlander's a guy. Never mind.

icn1983March 17, 2010 1:11 AM

I desperately want to hear what Paul Verhoeven has to say about this. And again, where is the IMDB page?

Finally, the only man qualified to make a sequel/remake to "Showgirls" other than Verhoeven is Werner Herzog.