Trailer of Kandahar with translation

Trailer of Kandahar with translation
Trailer of upcoming Russian survival action Kandahar (Кандагар) brings action goodness, that wasn't shown at all in previous teaser. The movie stars Alexandr Baluev and Vladimir Mashkov and directed by Andrey Kavun (known for good survival action Piranha Hunt).

The movie is based on real story of seven Russian pilots (5 in the movie), whose airplane was hijacked by Taliban in afghani province Kandahar in 1995 and the crew was imprisoned for more than a year. They experienced tortures, starvation, constant attempts of conversion into islam, but all seven were able to neutralize their armed guards and to escape on airplane.

Filmmakers invited Vladimir Sharpatov, the captain of the crew, and used his diares and memories in the movie. Kandahar opens in Russian theaters on 4th February, 2010.

Translation of the trailer:

TV news presenter: Urgent news. Russian cargo aircraft was hijacked by terrorist group in Kandahar. The fate of the crew is not yet known.
Crewman (Mashkov): What is it? Is it a kind of prison?
Crewman: What are you doing?
Afghani guy: Teach my men to fly. How much time will it take?
Unknown: 3-4 months.
Crewman (Baluev): Nope.
Afghani guy: You will be marking with it.
Crewman (Baluev): What marking?
Afghani guy: Days.
Crewman (Baluev): Why are you staring at me?
Afghani guy: You should learn Quran.
Crewman (Baluev): Give me, where to read? Alla Allahu...
Crewman (Mashkov): I won't sleep here.
Crewman (Panin): They all are watching at you. They will be keeping us while they have some benefit from us.
Crewman: They can't forget about us. We are Russian pilots.
Crewman (Mashkov): I don't understand you, guys. You are gabbing about something all the time like women.
Crewman: Do you really think that they ever set us free?
Crewman: That's my wife.
Crewman (Baluev): No... No...
Crewman (Mashkov): Who did tell you that I won't be anymore...
Afghani guy: By shariah law you all will be killed.
Crewman (Baluev): The war.
Crewman (Panin): Two on the roof... They sleep...
Crewman (Mashkov): They don't go out...
Crewman (Mashkov): Come on!
Crewman (Baluev): Either we fly up or...
Kandahar. 04.02.2010.
Crewman (Mashkov): Is it all?

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