This Man Wants To Be ARMLESS

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This Man Wants To Be ARMLESS
Adapted from Kyle Jarrow's indie play of the same name, Emmy winning director Habib Azar's debut feature Armless will soon be making its debut at the 2010 Sundance Festival.  Story?

Armless tells the story of a man who suffers from Body Integrity Identity Disorder. When he leaves his wife and goes to find a doctor willing to amputate his arms, it triggers a twisted romp filled with mistaken identities, missed chances, and tragic consequences. Armless utilizes the structure of a classic farce, combining it with a darkly philosophical tone. It also explores the ways in which a culture with so much wealth can come to fetishize suffering. But at its heart, Armless is a fable about acceptance-a meditation on trust, love and marriage.
We're keeping a close eye on this one and have the first block of stills below.

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