AFM 09: DEAD MEAT's Conor McMahon Returns With THE DISTURBED

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AFM 09: DEAD MEAT's Conor McMahon Returns With THE DISTURBED
If Conor McMahon's Dead Meat was a low-budget trip into zombie land, then what does that make the Irish director's sophomore picture, The Disturbed?  Shot on a miniscule budget, McMahon here moves into straight up revenge-sploitation, with a bare bones story that exists simply to provide motivation for a micro-scale bloodbath.  Here's the synopsis:

Clyde and Jed are two typical best buddies. They hang out, talk movies, pig out on junk food and then entertain their other common hobby; terrorizing and killing young girls on camera. Their latest victim, Sarah, is totally unaware of what exactly is going on when the two men take her from the trunk of their car and drag her to their bachelor pad.

The murderers plan out every detail of the film in front of Sarah, terrifying her and leaving her with only one goal: escape.

In her darkest hour, with no chance of survival at hand, a glimmer of hope arrives in the form of a spirit who has something much more wicked planned for these twisted friends.
The promo reel for McMahon's latest took its bow at the American Film Market and has been released to the public by sales agents Cinemavault.  Be aware going in, though, that this is very spoiler heavy territory.  Check it below.

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