Well, Ain't That Andy Lau Fighting.... Cyborgs?

Well, Ain't That Andy Lau Fighting.... Cyborgs?
And who could possibly be behind this, if not Wong Jing?

After his latest "tour de force" 大內密探靈靈狗 (On His Majesty's Secret Service), Hong Kong's Maestro of Crap has decided to up the ante, this time with an ambitious (?) action sci-fi extravaganza entitled 未来警察 (Future X-Cops). The story goes something like this: it's 2085, the Mayans were wrong, and the world now enjoys clean solar energy for all, courtesy of a certain Dr. Ma, who first developed the project. But, surprise surprise, evil terrorists manage to create some diabolical technology of their own, sending cyborgs back in time (2008) to stop Dr. Ma's creation, and make a fortune with our good ole oil shenanigans. Fear not though, because supercop Andy Lau is sent to stop all this from happening. Aaand, well, ass-kickery choreographed by Ching Siu-Tung surrounded by He Man-like sound effects and corny CG ensues?

If you can take some of that, and Fan Bingbing wearing leather pants, then go ahead and check the trailer. The film releases this December.
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