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Bang Them Drums!
Oh, yes ... I've been waiting for the chance to catch Ari Gold's Adventures of Power for a good while now and that time is soon approaching.  Why the interest?  Because if there's anything sillier than air guitar, it's air drums and that's what this one's about.  Here's the synopsis:

When hard times hit a small mining town, Power (writer-director Ari Gold) doesn't wish for riches; he only wishes that he'd learned to play drums.  But his father could never afford to buy him a drum set, so Power has embraced the next best thing: air drumming.


Tired of the constant ridicule, and with nothing but a few dollars, some breakfast cereal, and the support of his Aunt Joanie (Jane Lynch), Power sets off across the country to the "paradise" of Newark, where an underground air drumming crew has invited him to join their team.  But as the big air drumming competition looms, so does a rival--multi-millionaire drummer Dallas H. (Adrian Grenier), who thinks air drumming is an abomination and seeks to destroy Power and his crew.


More than just a rock'n'roll comedy, ADVENTURES OF POWER is an epic fable about the American Dream--about making something out of nothing, and trusting in your own heartbeat as a way of changing the world.  With a phenomenal soundtrack featuring original songs alongside hits by Rush, Phil Collins, the Dazz Band, and more, ADVENTURES OF POWER will have you drumming in your seat and cheering on your feet.

Adventures of Power opens in New York October 9th before moving on to LA October 16th.  Check the trailer below!
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