Artwork for OUTPOST II: BLACK SUN released

Artwork for OUTPOST II: BLACK SUN released

I count myself as a big fan of 2007's Nazi zombie shocker Outpost. Not only did the film feature a surprisingly textured script and strong work from a roster of character players including recent big-screen Punisher and Rome star Ray Stevenson, there was a hefty dose of fun faux-science ladled into its tale of a team of mercenaries tasked with locating a long-shuttered WWII-era bunker and retrieving a mysterious device housed within (suffice to say, there are zombies involved). Original Outpost producer Kieran Parker dropped us a line to let us know they are prepping a sequel, Outpost II: Black Sun, through Black Camel Pictures and that said sequel is up for grabs at this year's Cannes Festival. We now offer a peek at an early poster. Can never have enough Nazi zombie pics in my book. As more details emerge, we'll try and keep you posted!

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